Excell ET-377 Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser: 3 in. wide, Blue

  • $26.00

  • Roller moistens as tape is pulled forward and then pulled against blade to cut length
  • Accepts Gummed Side In and Gummed Side Out
  • Up to 80mm wide, Unsuitable for reinforced tapes
  • Minimal Maintenance Required
  • Water activated tape does not work well in cold temperatures. Use hot water when filling reservoir

The Excel ET-377 Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser is a manual, pull and tear type tape dispenser for use with gummed (AKA water-activated) paper tape rolls up to 3 inches wide. The durable, metal construction of the Excel ET-377 offers a sturdy dispenser, designed to sit on a desktop and manually dispense water-activated tape. The plastic water bottle allows for easy water level monitoring to ensure the brush is moist for consistent performance. bull; Designed to be used with water-activated gum tape bull; For use with tape rolls up to 3 inches (77mm) wide with a maximum outside diameter of around 6-1/2 inches bull; Easily monitor the water level Application Instructions bull; Place the roll of Gummed Paper Tape onto the dispenser. Thread the tape under the first white roller making sure the gummed side is facing down. bull; Pull the tape from under the white roller, over the top of the second and thread straight under the metal strip to reach the blade. bull; Remove the black padded roller and fill hot water about half way up the container. Place the roller back into the dispenser and turn to moisten. NOTICE: Do not over fill the container. bull; Pull the tape making sure it makes contact with the moistened roller. bull; Cut the tape by using the blade. bull; After use, discard the water and clean the container. Technical Information Construction: metal.


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